Mambembe Hostel

So we did our last day in Rio today and will soon be enjoying a thirteen hour busride to Curitiba. We are leaving Mambembe Hostel where we have been staying for the last few days and here we met some really interesting and nice people, a few moody hippies, a few friendly hippies and lots of cats. When you sleep in a small room with nine other people you challenge yourself, let me tell you that. You challenge your patience and you learn to share space, like not taking endlessly long showers for instance. Alltogether you learn how to cope with that “all up in your face” living you rarely experience at home. if you dont have eighteen kids that is, and I hope to god you don’t. However, it is not clear to everyone that for instance, you don’t bring home a one night stand when there’s eight other people sleeping in the room. Neither is it clear to everyone that you don’t go around smelling people you didn’t yet introduce yourself to. Or at all, for that matter.

Just sayin.


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  1. Ivis says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories with us! It’s been only a few days of your journey, but I can tell that you allready have seen alot!
    Enjoy dear friend, can’t wait to read the next blogg from you! Love you Kicks! Take care 😘😘


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