After our first 13h over night busride from Rio we arrived in the beautiful city of Curitiba. To our surprise the city seemed really safe and clean unlike Rio. Despite our heavy backpacks we  made our way to the botanic garden and we also explored the cosy historical center.

In the afternoon we met our first coach-surfing host. A super nice experience. Raphael and his wife Monik were extreamly friendly. He prepared a super tasty brasilian BBQ and an amazing Capirinha! Monik is orgininally from the Amazon and therefore we could also try a special dish from there: dried and salted fish flour. The evening was great and as payback we prepared a traditional swedish culinary delight, meatballs with mashed potatoes and cranberry jam as we couldn’t find any lingonberries. Raphael is a language enthusiast. He speaks fluent french and now also english. I have never met someone as intrested and motivated in learning. All in all a great experience!





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  1. What do people do in Curitiba? What is the history of it? Who are the settlers? I am just wondering why you chose to stop there. Is it a touristic place? It looks really nice. Looks like you are having a great time and couch surfing is definitely the way to go to meet local people. Thanks for sharing your adventure 🙂


  2. Curitiba has the biggest economy in southern Brazil. about 3.5 Mi hinabitants and the safest city of the country. They have highly educated people and a lot of industry. We met a lot of people speaking english, not alike Rio. We didnt really plan to go there but to our surprise it has been a beautiful city!


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