Life on the island

The Vagalume hostel on Ilha do Mel has been an amazing stay. A small “pousada” between the beach and the jungle. We were basically sleeping in the forest and it was quite nice hearing the raindrops of the night hitting the leaves around us. We also met a really nice couple from Sao Paulo, Debora and Jefferson that we spent some time with. Its amazing how many warm, nice and interesting people you meet on a journey like this!

The jungle of the island is very rich in its flora and fauna.  We  could see a lot of beautiful birds, butterflies and even giant lizards, however those were a bit too fast to be captured by our camera. Also the temperature was slightly lower, offering us a bit of rest rest from the striking sun. The island is 100% free from car traffic which was very nice and relaxing.

Later, we got the opportunity to go for a boat trip to see the dolphins that just got their babies and were learning them how to hunt. Seeing theese precious creatures in their natural habitat was incredibly beautiful!




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  1. Hippas says:

    Hm… Christine… you know now…the dolphins were NOT teaching their kids how to hunt…


    1. Bengt G says:

      Hm?? not how to hunt ? ….starving then ?


  2. Silvan & Norbert says:

    Hi guys. How is life on the far side of the moon? Obviously fantastic… Thank you very much for your greetings from Rio. From now on Jesus will watch over our kitchen and our food is not only delicious but also blessed. But let’s move on to the most intresting topic, the weather forecast ;-)… We only get rain during the last two weeks. So we are still waiting for the real winter. Since this week, we have at least enough snow in the mountains to be able to ride some slopes at the weekend. Yeah! However, back to summer topics… Since three weeks Norbert tries to act as a gardener. So far without any success. Because he is completly frustrated now he is willing to take Julien’s advice to put the sequoia seeds to the fridge first… So if you come back you will have to struggle through the jungle, a jungle full of mammoth trees. Stay tuned.


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