Iguazu Falls, Brazil


We are so glad we took enough time to capture the amazing view of the great Iguazu Falls. It is simply a majestic wonder of nature and a pride shared by Brazil and Argentina. We started with visiting the Brazilian side of the falls where you get a good overview of the falls, a beautiful walk ending up in the “devils throat” where you stand in the middle of one of the falls. You will not leave this place in a dry condition, that’s for sure.

Not too far away there is a bird park where you find a wide range of beautiful birds. I, (Christine) was especially happy to encounter both butterflies and kolibris, two species very dear to me for symbolic reasons. They say nature heals you. It does.





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hippas says:

    That’s a big WOW!!!


  2. Kristina & family says:

    Thank you for sharing all these amazing photos and stories from your daily trips. Makes our days too! Leo asks, did you see the Blue Ara yet? Lots and lots of Love from us & take care. Kristina & family.


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