Iguazu/Cataratas, Argentina

The evening after visiting the Brasilian side of the Iguazu falls  we discussed and planned for going to the Argentinian side the next morning. I had to hear: “I don’t really see the need to go to the argentinian side, I feel satisfied”. Let me tell you that someone regreted this saying. It is completely a different experience! The Argentinian side offers much more contact with wildlife and the jungle. We met a lot of coati famillies, birds, monkeys, butterflyes and a cayman. Also Christine loved the huge spiders and absolutely wanted to pet them, I had to hold her back…

Three main trails go along the waterfalls. We started with the lower one and were litterally within the waterfalls, a great experience! Later we jumped in a cute little train bringing us the a trail leading to the “Devil’s throat”, the top of the main waterfalls. This was probably the most impressive natural wonder we have seen, so much power, we were integrally showered by all this beauty.

The last trail: the upper trail, sounded a bit boring after this slap in the face. Not at all! A marvelous hike where Christine could finally come back to her 5 years old My little pony world (without the pink ponys of course). Absolutely fantastic views with rainbows, jungle and waterfalls. It was a very strange feeling, one would like to jump in and land in the dreamworld. We learned later that someone actually did on that day…

A great experience and probably the best place we both have ever seen.







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