Summary Brazil

Brazil has been a really nice experience for us. We are amazed about how many beautiful places and nice people we met in theese three weeks.

However, we could remark a strong segregation between the poor and the middle class and a huge amount of homeless people, especially in Rio. Also insecurity is a great problem in the country. Rio first, but also in smaller towns, it is standard that private houses are bunkered in walls, barb wire and electrical fences.

Obesity is also a big problem in the country. I have never seen as many gyms as in Brazil, however probably only used by the middle/upper class. No wonder, the food is very greasy and not very natural: a lot of it contains soy, huge amounts of salt, sugar and fat. Also, apparently the main food production of Brazil is soy and a big part of it genetically modified. The portions are huge… I have been fighting many times to finish my plate.

People in Brazil are incredibly friendly and most of them very open to help. When walking on the steet a lot of people were offering their help for finding our way or helping us with the bus or simply wanted to chat etc… Also a lot of them are very happy to practice their english even though not too many people speak it fluently. From time to time people were also chatting with us in potugese, even though we did not understand most of it.

We had a great time, but we realised very fast that if one wants to visit Brasil, a dedicated trip is necessary, – its a huge country with a lot of places worth to explore. The country has appeared to us to be very beautiful, with a lot of amazing nature.

Next: Argentina!




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