Buenos Aires

Christine Deckert. You are NOT on a shopping trip. You are carrying 18 KILOS on your back. You will be climbing MOUNTAINS. You cannot climb MOUNTAINS in a cocktail dress. You don’t NEED a cocktail dress.

This is the mantra I had to repeat in my head yesterday and the day before (and today)  in Buenos Aires, or – The Paris of South America if you will.

We started our BA- stay with a beautiful Sunday market in San Telmo. The creativity was overflowing in the lively neighbourhood with street musicians in every corner, people dancing to the beat of the drums and wondercul craftsmanships in the market stands.

The day after we visited the center of the city, a mix of old beautiful buildings, silently getting along with newer ones, far less charming. A lot of the older houses here are abandoned and not taken care of by the government, but in some cases private persons or organisations.

Later, we ended up in the middle of a political demonstration opposing the recent government change. They kept the spirit up with drums and songs so I guess they cant hace been that very angry after all. We also found a decent espresso at a fun little cafe where you can take parts of the interior home with you if your wallet (or backpack) allows you to.

We did at the end do a little shopping. People drink huge amounts of mate here. It’s a very strong, bitter tea. “When in rome”, we thought and got two mate-cups. I got it totally mixed up with a sugary mate-softdrink i tried earlier on (remember I told you I loved it Francesca?:)  At the end I didnt like it at all. At least the cups are pretty.




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  1. Sara says:

    Bästa Christine & Julien, sounds and looks like you are having a great time! Not at all jealous 😉 and really looking forward to learn more about your trip. Do enjoy it emmensely, sending you loads of big hug a. Kram Sara, killarna kramar förstås också


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