Cityvibes – BA

We had lovely days in Buenos Aires, mostly spent walking around, eating and enjoying the vibe of this dynamic city. Above, a (hot!) walk in the beautiful Palermo Chico. We were blessed with 41 degrees that day.

We couldn’t resist visiting La Boca after reading about this colorful part of the city, the very beginning of Buenos Aires 1500-something. Sadly the sight was a huge disapointment due to it’s super-touristic unauthentic themepark feeling. it is, to be honest both a waste of time and cabfare.

The old market in San Telmo however is far from a disapointment. In this beautiful old building you will find amazing meat, fresh vegetables, fairtrade espresso strong enough to get even the crankiest coffee-monster (me) trough the day, vintage dresses, old records, and fresh honey. Yay!

In Recoleta we found this gigantic cemetary with a huge total of + 4800 graves. They are above ground and belongs to the aristocratic families of Argentina. They are little mausoleums – each family has a building of its’s own storing coffins where you can actually see them trough the window. Each grave also has its own chimney to let out the gas formed in the graves, – It’s enough to say the smell in the graveyard wasn’t very pleasant at all places and we felt quite awkward walking around here after a while.

The graveyard is home to 84 historic monuments, one of them the final resting place of Evita Peron, – still the most visited grave in Argentina.

We ended our BA stay with (yet, another) meal at La Federal, – one of the oldest restaurants in Buenos Aires established in 1864. You need a good amount of time to eat here, – it’s not the fastest place on earth – but the quality of the beef, the cold apple-strudel and the authentic charm of this wooden and tile-dressed venue makes the somewhat slow service easy to forgive.

Next: Ushuaia! We actually just landed in “The end of the world” and all went well. From now on we will be difficult to reach. There will, for up to 6 days at a time be no internet, no electricity, no showers, only nature, peace and quiet. Not to worry! We are well equiped and ready to take on the cold.








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