Laguna Esmeralda

After a first night in dry and warm, we did not loose time and went for our first adventure in the woods (we actually did not have much choice as the hostels were fully booked for that night). We chose to start slow for a warmup and take a short hike to a lake, sleep there and go back.

However it was not as easy as expected. The taxi costed an arm, so we took the bus to the end of the city, which we could not pay because they only accept local buscards, impossible for tourists to buy. After what we had to hichhike for 20km to the start of the trek, not so hard – at the end and a super nice couple gave us a ride.

As soon as we entered the forest we were both estonished by the beauty of the nature and the changing envirenment between forest, meadows, mores, river and finally a super amazing lake.

That was our first night testing our equipment. Christine was really excited about making coffee and me more about crowling in our new and fresh twinned sleeping bags while the weather was getting very cold and rainy. There was room for improvement for the coffee making and I woke up having a heat attack in the middle of the night. Except those small details everything went smooth and we enjoyed a lot our private villa on the lake with view.

Early in the morning I could contemplate amazing wildlife while some other animal was enjoying the down for a bit longer. After what we hiked a bit further to the beaver lakes and glacier. Christine did great for her first trek and first time on rougher terrain.

That was the most beautiful camping spot we have ever slept at.


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  1. Kristina Itayem-Murberger says:

    I have been reading everything and seen the photos you have taken. Its just so amazing! The lake looks like a turquoise jewel. Christine you look like you are doing really very well indeed for adventure. Just as Julien do, too. Of some reason it was just so much more of a secret for us, that this is another special part of you that seems very much the true Christine. And we like that.

    Thanks for sharing it! I am impressed by all the challenges you have achieved. Cuidate/take care, Love from Stockholm. Today is”Fettisdagen” we are going to have semla. I will try to close my eyes to see your perfect Segafreddo image. Its just like I would have done too, don’t you think? Stor kram from us! K, L & R


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