Laguna Torres


First trek of our newly baked 30 year old in El Chalten. Grandma  did a great job and her knees made it to the top. The place was amazing and to our great surprise after a beautiful night in the bush, the clouds left and we could enjoy a great view over Cerro Tores. Grandma was freezing a bit so she putted her down overall trying to imitate Cerro Torres or something else who knows, with some success I must say…

On the way back however we needed to organise a pick-up service, as the humidity in the air was increasing, leading to serious arthritis complaints and a sort of internal Calafate rotting…

Luckily we all made it safe home… even the poor lama…

If you don’t here from me, please consider that Christine might have killed me after I have posted the following picture….



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hippas says:

    What great places you guys get to see! Love your pictures ❤


  2. Hippas says:

    Hm… you can tell C has lied a lot lately…


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