….my boyfriend suffers from all four major kinds of retardation he hasn’t yet understood that posting the most HORRIBLE PICTURE ON EARTH will cost him a brutal amount of consequences. I will spare the majority of you readers, but all membes of the family can look forward to withhold a vast amount of buttpictures taking place at various volcanoes and mountains in South America. They’re actually quite fun.

Enough about that. We did a second trek heading for Mount Fitz Roy and on the way there all was fine, and we were happy-ish with the weather. All was fine. Ish.


Then this happened. Sad faces.

A ranger came to the base camp and adviced everyone to head back to the city as a storm was on its way. The trees are in pretty bad shape due to the very heavy winds and during storm they sort of start flying around, and when trees start flying around you shouldn’t really sit in a tent in the middle of it all eating cereal bars singing kumbajaah.

However, we felt dissatisfied with the idea of taking down the tent, packing up, walking a trillion hours back only to go back the next day so we decided to find a place where there was no trees and wait it out. That took 36 hours. 36 hours, 1 book (then the battery died on the ipad) and four million cookies.

At last, we could finish the trek up to Lagos de los Tres (tough one!). Unfortunately Mount Fitz Roy, or in Swedish – fittRoy -decided to hide in the clouds, but at least we finished what we started.




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ammie says:

    Gott att läsa att ni har det bra 🙂 fortsätt med det ! Kramar ❤


  2. Hippas says:

    What an adventure… I can see you singing kumbajaah my lord… in the tent… as the storm is shaking it 🙂


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