Tough tough

After retourning from our little 36h storm advanture, we realised  that no bus will bring us further before 2 days later. Feeling quite frustrated of not seeing Fritz the german, I decided to go solo for a 24h somehow demanding tour, letting Christine use this time for more creative activities and rest her old bones. I started in the early afternoon with 10km hike and a 1000 meter climb on a bit rougher terrain. After a bit more windy parts and a bit of scrambling, I reached what I believed to be the top ( I learned later, seeing the mountain from the side, that the top was much further…). However I was sitting in a snowcloud and could not enjoy the view as wished.

Coming back down and 10 more kilometers in direction of Mont Fritzroy, the weather was again not very promissing. I arrived at our favorite campsite (the one were we spent 36 lovely hours the day before) at 20:00, quite exhausted. The camping was crowded and not very appealing to me.


I decided to first tank some energy (after only breakfast and a small tuna can for lunch). That is when the miracle happened, letting the clouds disapear and the wind dye. I therefore packed my stuff and climbed up to Laguna de los Tres where a stonishing view was waiting for me.

As it was getting late and the hike back in the dark and the camping was not my prefered option at all (a form of trauma), I decided to test my new sleeping bag to somehow more extrem conditions. Woolpower on, everything closed tight and enjoying the view of the moon rising on Fritzroy… splendid!

This feeling of confort was very fast over… when I started to sweat like a pig in the middle of the night. I had to get rid of everything (if you see what I mean) and open the sleeping bag. In the morning the groud was deep frozen with ice stalitegmite, but I slept like a baby. The view and the experience were amazing.


On the way back to El Chalten, I made a visit to the forbidden Laguna Piedras Blancas, but not really worth the detour…

A gread and very demanding trek, but amazing!





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  1. Hippas says:

    Wow! What a hike! Great views 🙂


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