So the bus dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. There was no bus stop, no ticket to buy to get there and we were set to sleep in our tent in the forest when we saw this really cozy looking place! We had bought tickets to Osorno, convincing the busdriver to drop us off just after the border between Cile and Argentina where we had to smuggle five kilos of food to survive, – but thats a separate story. We were set to trek a volcano and we had no clue if we would see a living soul or not.

Imagine the happiness when we further along the road could rent our own little house, and eat great food at the main house restaurant! We could also do several hikes and activities in the area that’s not at all well known, nor frequently visited by tourists. Jackpot. Julien immediately set off to chop wood for the fireplace to create that cozy livinginthemiddleofthewoods-feeling. The smell of an open fire was pure joy.



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