Puyehue Volcano


We found the descripition of this hike in a guide book from 2009. The goal of the hike was to go for four days and reach hot springs. What we did not expect is that there was an erruption inbetween and that the hotsprings were covered with 10 meters of frozen lava.

We anyway left for a two days tour. The first day after an expected 4 hours 1000 meter climb, we reach the refugio after 2,5 hours. Christine was on fire with her brand new walking sticks (recomanded when one is over 30) despite a super steep path and an heavy backpack. No way stopping her, we dropped the heavy backpacks, food and coffee and started the climb to the top of the volcano at 4 p.m. After the supposingly 2h climb, in reality more than 3 hours of a super crazy steep slope, we finally reached the top after a total of 1700 meter climb.

The view was purely amazing and the light perfect. Luckily the steep slope down was easier to descend than to climb and we reached the hut just after sunset. A great moment with such magical colors, it was super beautiful!

The next day the mountain goat was somehow a bit harder to get on, but such as an old diesel: indestructible. I have been suffering (in silence of course not admitting it) while Christine was jumping around all the way to the viewpoint over the lava fields. A bit of an adventure to go around in this moonlike desert without drinkable water.

After coming back to the hut we picked up some amazing wild black currents (eating a big part of it directly) and went back to our cosy hut in the valley…

One of the most unexpectedely beautiful hikes we have done…


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