Ponys! Ponys! Ponys!

Julien was happy to find that the people working at the cabin rental place in Anticura were climbers, and as they decided to go to try out a new route I decided to treat myself (or my inner seven year old) to an adventure of my own.

I found a place renting out horses and rode out with a guide so I wouldn’t get lost in the forest. No one understood a word during those hours, (my spanish is so bad it’s embarrasing and Carlo knew nada english) but I felt safe riding with someone knowing the area since parts of the tour was very steep, had fallen trees to jump over or dive under to protect your head whilst riding trough the forest. People don’t really use helmets here.

We stopped to see some beautiful waterfalls on the way. Such a perfect day!


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  1. bengt.gundhammar@vattenfall.com says:

    Luv ya. But if limit 30 is to old i’ll stay. ..well already booked thessaloniki in May. Paris in june And Irland i slutet augusti. Follow you with ENVY. .luck y


    Skickat från min Samsung Mobil.


    1. Luv ya Bengan! Lovely with thessalonki, paris and Ireland! Maybe some Alsace as well? kraaaam!


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