Tacos con Gallos, Santiago.

Tacos con Gallos is a charming little place in Santiago where we stayed for a few days. The management constellation, a chef and a somelier  (divine combination if you ask me) are so  passionate about what they do, and so caring and welcoming we could have stayed forever.

Once a month they throw a winetasting dinner for around 12 people, and we happened to check in that very day and on top of that find two empty chairs around the table. Win! 5 magical courses and X bottles of beautiful chilean wine later, we had made new friends and decided to go clubbing.


Six o clock in the morning we decided to go home. We didn’t drink any wine the following evening.

In swedish: Så kan det gå.


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  1. Kristina says:

    Looks like à welkoming brake after breathtaking hikes, pretty dress and dine for à change. Time for some “intercambio” to improve your spanish, or just improvise. You seem to have had à great treat. Thanks again for sending marvellous glimts of your marvellous adventures. Miss you but most of all so glad for your journey. Love, cuidate & hasta luego! Kristina, R & L ❤


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