We stayed a few days in Santiago, the capital of Chile. We were not expecting much and it ended up beeing a nice surprise. The city is maybe not the most attractive for tourists with quite poor touristic attractions. However, the city also it is not super beautifull, was estonishingely relaxing with a lot of green parks and people out in the street.

People there were extreamly nice to us, always asking if they can help you, very friendly and openminded. However I must say that after the w-end I was starting to ask myself if I shouldn’t change something on my style, as I have been hit on by guys all the time… Then Christine told me she left out the detail about telling everyone at the gay-club (club after winetasting) I was her gay cousin. That’s why parts of the gay community in Chile decided to make a move. Thanks!

Also the city is very avangadist, a lot of students, a lot of people biking and even carless streets on Sundays with plenty of bikers, rollerbladers and pedestrians.

A european like city were one could imagine living.


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