He is always hungry


It’s not like we smuggle cocaine like normal people – We smuggle SAUSAGE.

We have been going back and forth between Argentina and Chile for some time now and the chilean border is always horrendously anal about what type of foods you can bring with you when you enter the country.

It usually goes something like this:

Boy and girl hungry.

Boy and girl shops endless amounts of food.

Boy and girl forget to consider crossing border next day and have no time to eat food.

Boy and girl decides to smuggle food.

Boy smuggles sausage. Boy is french and cannot survive without sausage. Boy eats sausage and pickles and mustard with SWISS ARMY KNIFE in buses. Boy is a bit weird. Girl smuggles espresso. Girl likes her coffee a lot. Boy think girl drinks to much coffee.

Border police stops bus. Dogs search bus for foods and drugs. Dogs find boys bag. Girl smiles at border police so border police will not find sausage whilst looking trough the bag.

Girl wins.

French boy has sausage. French boy is happy.

Girl has her coffee in her pocket. Border police doesn’t check pockets.

Girl smart.

Girls are better than boys.



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  1. Kristina says:

    Chicas son mejor 🙂 Verdadero y multissimo divertido sobre el ninjo y la comida. A mi me parece bromas buenas. Besos de Estocolmo. K, L & R!


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