We booked a tour to the Altiplanico lakes. Altiplanicos meaning the high plateaus at more than 4200 meters above see level in the Andes. We started with the visit of a cute little village, very traditional with its church decorated in cactus woods. The cactus are very big and strong over there…

The people of the village were playing hide and seek with the group of tourists, having a strong fears about cameras. They believe that when taken in pictures a part of their soul is captured.

After a second cute village and church we started our climb to the moonlike plateaus surrounded by vulcanos and populated with all kind of funny animals: rabbits with fury long tails, vicunas,    ostriches, and lazy non flying birds that you can catch by hand because they don’t want to bother running for too long. And of course the very girly girl flamingos.

We went to superb lakes, partially salt flats, with beautiful red stones and amazing blue-green colors. We felt a few 100 years older when evolving in this altitude and Christine was a bit woozy telling funny stories, but we will excuse her that part.

Back from the tour we enjoyed our friend O2 and took a walk in the charming center of San Pedro. A beautiful and authentic small town, full of life and good vibes. We ended the day with a freshly made fruit icecream that Christine could eat as well: nuts and soy free for once! The five year old Christine was back and we had about half a kilo of it to finish.


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