Let me directly tell you, waking up at 4 in the morning is not our favorite. Especially when you spent the night trying to sleep because your hostel room has a common wall with a karaoke bar. At least we rehearsed our classics…

The geysers are most active when the ouside temperature is the lowest (optimum -17°C), and at 4300 m this happens just before sunrise! After an hour ride on a gravel road, we arrived at 6a.m. with 5°C. It was not as spectacular as one could think; a smoky field with boiling water coming out of the ground, and at a few place some water droplet were reaching 6 m from time to time. American movies lie…

Luckily we had a reward afterwards with a dip in the hot springs. Have you ever used one of those showers, were you either freeze or burn yourself? That was the feeling as the hot water flux was oscillating a lot!

On the way back we stopped at a tiny little church village in the mountains and I had my first llama brochette. They also had a baby llama close to the grill that you could pet for a few coins…


We finished the tour by hiking in a canyon full of giant cactus. Two english super (-old) ladies were also in the group and mastered the rough terrain, jumping over rocks and rivers, always keeping the spirit up. A model for all of us one day!


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