Next time you doubt yourself, consider that a galaxy contains approximately a hundred billion stars. The universe is estimated to a hundred billion galaxys, all those stars together beautifully adding up to a number of a hundred million less stars then the atoms in your body. By numbers at least, you are pretty powerful.

The recent visit to the space observatory left us hungry wanting more, so we drove to another one and used ceveral telescopes this time. In some of them we suceeded to take actual photos of the moon and jupiter with its four moons – with our own little digital camera!

We saw clusters of two, and five million stars and withnessed the last remains of a supernova taking place in the 1600 century. When it happened the light from the supernova was as powerful as the moon itself, – guess if people were confused at the time! Two moons all of a sudden?

We saw two faraway galaxys by naked eye, the two magallanic clouds located 200.000 lightyears away, only visible from the southern hemosphere. This is considered close in astronomy. After, we saw two galaxys collide about 45 000 000 lightyears away, followed by the sight of a ghost star breaking – but in fact, it broke already 7,000 years ago. After a star breaks it explodes in space and becomes a supernova. This has probably already happened for this particular one, and if we are really lucky we might see the results of it in our lifetime. No one knows exactly when this will happen, but it will be a spectacle to say the least.

Its difficlt to grasp the relations between space and time, speed of light and to understand that you in a way visit an ancient past looking at the light that has travelled 45 million lightyears to reach you.










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