Laguna Colorada

Second day we drove around in the beautiful desert and took a break at very interesting petrified red lava fields. Luckely I have been well informed in advance that climbing shoes are a must! Bouldering at about 4000 m is however not so trivial! On the way we also met a hungry fellow, not very scared.

We have also stopped at different lagoons one nicer than the others. After a lunch breack in the heart of the high plateaus we continued our trip toward more lakes.

In the afternoon we saw the famous Arbol de Piedra. But frankly speaking it was much smaller than expected and the surrounding much more interesting!

Finally we reached the main goal of the day: Laguna Colorada. A magical lake with a deap red color, full of flamingos, partially coverd with salt crusts and green algues: a pleasure for the eyes!

We spent the second night in a hostel in the high plateaus, with electricity only 3 h a day. There the dinner was a bit more of an adventure. After explaining Christine alergies to the kitchen, they garantied the food beeing safe. After insisting for seeing the ingredient list we found out that the tomatoe sauce contained soy. Their only reaction when I insisted on how serious the matter is was: “well if she dies it is not a problem, we have vacancies in the cemetery”. Also the oil used was guarantied to be 100% sunflower, of course I did not trust anything and after insisting for checking the bottle I found out that it was soy oil… Luckily we brought our own emergency pasta bag and tomatoe sauce.


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