Salt flat Uyuni

We started our tour with the train cimetry, where a lot of steam locomotives rest in peace. Very interesting tour for an engineer and a climber as one can explore the heart of the steam machines.

After a tour to a traditional village with houses made of salt and a tourist trap for buying handcraft stuff, we drove to the center of the impressive saltflat where one can find a salt hotel (it reminded me a lot the icehotel in Lappland).

We then drove hours through the saltflat to reach an amazing island coverd with giant cactus and rocks with beautiful shapes.

And of course as all the bloody tourists taking the same tour, we tried to make some funny pictures with effects, with more or less success.

Finally after a long ride again though the gigantic saltflat and very rough gravel roads we reached our salt hotel in a small village in the middle of nowhere. We had good food and slept like babies. For Christine loving salt, it was like beeing in candy world.




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  1. Kristina says:

    These photos are all so cool! Love from Stockholm ❤


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