Salta, Argentina.

Before we took the very adventurous train to Uyuni, Bolivia we stopped in Salta to rest, eat and look at the city for a few days.

The easter celebrations was being prepared fully and we took the opportunity to look at some beautiful churches. A bit kitchy, yet very beautiful. Kitch gone good lets say or, kitch gone God maybe. 😉

We also went to the MAAM where they keep 4 mummies of sacrifised children. At the summit of various volcanoes children were found buried completely intact sitting in a sleeping position.

They were sacrifiesd by the rich inca families to strenghten the bonds between the families on far distances. Basically each family sacrifised a son, or a daughter. They walked all the way up to the summit of the volcano where a wedding ceremony between the children was held. They were dressed in their most beautiful clothes accompanied by their most precious toys.

After the ceremony they were given strong alcoholic beverages until they fell asleep. Asleep, sitting down they were later buried alive and thereby sacrifised to the gods.

Two of theese mumies were on display at the MAAM. The boy was six years old and the girl was 15.


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