After an adventurous travel from Salta in Argentina we arrived by train in Uyuni Bolivia at 1 in the morning, without any idea where to sleep. We ended up in a crapy (standard for Uyuni) hostel held by a grampy hold lady very miser on the toilet paper.

The city is known for its amazing salt flat and surrounding nature. However, nothing very interesting in the town itself.

We decided to book a 3 days tour to the salt flat out of any civilisation. The city is full of tour operators: a real jungle. After reading a bit more on internet we realised quite fast that choosing the right operator is a 2 man day job, even more important with Christine’s allergies. A lot of stories about drivers partying in the evening and beeing drunk in the morning, or drivers forgetting their group in the dessert for 3 hours without water. Even better, a driver missing in the morning and found drunk in bed with a prostitute…

With help of stomach feeling we finally made our choice, prepared for the worth…

In the evening there were also big memorial celebrations (very provocative) for the loss of the access to the sea in 1883 in the war between Chile, Bolivia and Peru.

Before leaving we also met again this group of crazy polish ingeneers, traveling the world with their vey old van, transporting 200 kg of spare parts under the seats… Inspiring!


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