The Peanut Talk


Alarm rings. Mouth dry as the Sahara desert – shouldn’t have had all that wine on this altitude yesterday evening. But the restaurant was so cozy. Candlelights. Music. Great food, interesting ambiance and last day of easter. Feliz everything! We have to come back tomorrow to have lunch before we take the 12 hour bus to La Paz!

Okay, if its peanuts in that dish I will not have it. No, not even without the peanuts. Gracias.
Are you sure its not soy protein in the ham and bacon used for this carbonara? Can you read the ingredients on the package to make sure? Its very serious. Gracias.

Three minutes later.
Oh, theres no problem? Thats perfect, muchos gracias, uno carbonara, por favor!

Throat feels a bit weird. Probably just all that salt and fat , – they ckecked the ingredients so it will be fine for sure. We pay the bill and stear our legs uphill for a walk towards beautiful Ricoleta. Throat gets worse and all of a sudden its difficult to breath. Everything itches. My throat is itching. My head is itching. My ears are itching. I have medicines for situations like this, so I take them. They’re not really helping so we panic into a taxi to get to the emergency.

This happens almost EVERY DAY. Usually I see trough peoples carelessness pretty fast and fuff enough about it to get it right but we are pretty sick about it. Its tedious, it takes time and far too often people are so uneducated about allergies, they just couldnt care less. Julien has the patience of a saint holding “The peanut talk” in the bus, in the trains and at restaurants because here people eat it everywhere. Despite precautions I have to take quite a lot of medicines.

At the hospital i get my arms full of needles and two bottles of hydrocortizone in my blodstream. It helps this time, so no need for adrenaline today. Im happy, because that really sucks.

Doctor shakes her head a bit avout my epipen. she seems to think it’s for weakies. Not fast enough, she frownes and gives me a set of four needles and two glas bottles of pure adrenaline to use next time if theres no hospital around. To acess the adrenaline you just break the tip of the glasbottle and inject yourself intraveniousley – at the same time as you are choking from an allergic reaction.

Who am I? McGyver?

After five hours we are free to go, all should be ok. The emergency in Bolivia was suprisingly clean. I’ve been to east London hospitals far more prone to share various infections than this one. We hurry to the bus. With us we have two pizzas, as safe as you could get them – but I know I will not dare to eat mine. Maybe tomorrow for breakfast when we arrive in La Paz.

Since you’re reading this we got there safe, and by now we even had the luxury to see a peruvian jungle hospital, (well it was more of a shed than anything else, it was blood all over the bathroom and there was no running water neither so you had to use a bucket when finished but hey, another experience to add to the list). How am I supposed to know you also grind peanut flour with the COFFEEGRINDER in Peru?

Can’t we just stop eating peanuts alltogether?


Thank you.




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  1. Sorry to hear of the trouble but what about this to lighten the mood –


  2. Kristina says:

    Christine, thank good this is over and hope to good it won’t happen again! You just have too keep being extra careful & keep holding “the peanut talk”! Love K, R & L ❤


  3. Ivis says:

    Älsklingen min!! Skönt att allt gick bra. Jag slutar aldrig förvånas över hur du vågar ge dig ut i världen med tanke på dina allergier!
    Hey men du är ju the one & only!
    Min fina Kicki!!
    Saknar dig min vän 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Och jag dig snuttis!! Men snart tillbaka i Trollhattan igen, kommer en svang i sommar och hoppas pa att fa krama pa er da. Tack for pepp! Pussar och kramar!!! ❤


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