La Paz

From Sucre to the bolivian capital La Paz! We were not at all charmed by this city but were headed to our last stop in Bolivia – Isla del Sol – and had one day in transit.

The witch market however was quite interesting. Here you could find any love potion, herbs for different spells, dried baby lamas to sacrifise to Apachamama (mother earth) and tons of other weird stuff you would never encounter at home.

Thin hair? – No problem!

Lost your erection? – We’ll find it for you!

Troubles with unanswered love? – Cast a spell!

Julien had a late birthday surprise left and found me the perfect charengo! Apparantly you get the best ones in La Paz. Such a beautiful little handcrafted instrument and way easier to travel with than my guitarr that sits at home in Stockholm at the moment. Obviousely it is a completely new instrument tomlearn how to play, but I also got a book, – first Beatles tune already down. : )



One Comment Add yours

  1. Kristina says:

    Hold on to the small backpack- flags is my tip. The charengo is so adorable just like you are! 🙂


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