Rainbow Mountain, Peru

We wanted to do the famous Ausangate trek and had been preparing for some time, but then we both got sick. It would have been impossible to do it, but at least we managed to get on a day tour to the Ausangate region and the Rainbow Mountain. We arrived in a micro village in the middle of nowhere were we got set to start the hike that would take us about 5 hours.

5 Hours feels like a lot more hours when you are sick, and they dont have toilets here. They have holes in the ground, outside. On the trek however, not even holes in the ground so if you need a bathroom, you simply build one with a little help from your walking sticks and various rocks. (When did my life turn in to an Indiana Jones movie? note: Less like the hysterical blonde screaming every three seconds in the Temple of doom movie and more like Harrison Ford but I would like to think I´m prettier than him).

Finally we reached the top, and during the way I found a horse to ride when to difficult to walk. A beautiful experience seeing this spectacle of minerals, we´re both really happy we did it.

We made our way back and I can tell you we fell asleep pretty early that night…


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