Lazy days in Galapagos

Greetings from Galapagos! We spent the last week in this outstanding place and will stay for a few days more. On our first day we went to a turtle-reserve to spend a bit of time with the giant turtles that can get up to as much as 180 years old. They are huge! Its quite extraordinary to meet theese ones up close, – they look a bit like ET.


A neighbouring activity is the lava tunnles on the island. We payed it a visit and walked/crawled trough the 600m long tunnel (NOT flipflop-friendly).

In the afternoon we took the beautiful walk to Tortuga Bay, definitely the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen! The path is surrounded by the fun and playful Optunia cactus trees, (well in appearance, that is) – it’s not so very playful to accidently fall into one.

On the beach we found iguanas, giant crabs and birds. They are not shy at all – on the contrary. The iguanas are mostly lying on top of each other gazing in the sun while they spit and sneeze.

After the beautiful walk home it was time for dinner and bed. It gets dark around 18.00 here so you want go to bed early and wake up at 6 to get the most out of the day.


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