Snorkeling with the big ones

Our first organised tour! Yeahhhh! We took a daytrip snorkeling at different spots around the islands.  In the first site we could enjoy swimming with manificient sting rays and other creatures that one usually prefers not to meet…

Also we saw a giant ray of about 2 meters in diameter: resting grandma. A few huge turtle passing their ways and again the ones that usually one doesn’t want to meet; a lot of them! I felt a bit unsecure and was afraid for a possible vegeance after I have been eating one of their fellows at the restaurant in the past. Luckily Christine had the brilland idea to play the giant angry lobster in order to scare them away and save me from beeing their lunch.

We also took a small brake exploring some land where Christine made some new friends, conversing about their mutual experiences with the ones with sharp teeth. I enjoyed more the group of punks having a rest after a rough night.

The second dive consisted in playing with the sea lions. They have so much in common with dogs, it is incredible. They love to play with your shoes, with sticks and run after fished like dogs after cats. One even tried to taste my arm, luckily only for fun. During last snorkel we saw big groups of beautiful colorful fishes. We tried to fish some on our way home, but without to much success.

An incredible manyfold experience to share your bathtub with all those big friendly animals!








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  1. Kristina says:

    Thanks again Julien and Christine for sharing all these! I can´t find enough superlatives to express the feeling in all these images the past weeks. I guess marvelous will do. In Sweden we are still enjoying the fun of shifting april weather conditions with a slight overweight of cloudy, rain-snow mixed showers. It´s a delight peeking on these pages in order to escape just a little, dream away..Anyhow, very soon we will enter the beloved month of may. 🙂 Hasta luego & Besos de K, L & R ❤

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