Boats and Boobies.

From one tour to another! A lot of people choose to cruise the Galapagos by yacht, but since Julien is seasick and the prices for the cruises are completely ridiculous anyway, we decided to stay land based and go for a few tours.  This one took us to North Seymour, an unhabited island where you find blue footed boobies, iguanas and great frigate birds.

It was nesting time so we got to see both babybirds and a few blue footed boobies guarding their precious eggs. Also on this island its rather surprising how very little the birds bother about human presence.

Then we did a small boathop… :- )

…to do some snorkeling at a beachy island where Julien encountered another seaturtle amongst other things. When we came back to shore we met some local fishermen who had a – to say the least, lucky day catching probably twenty big yellow fenned tunas. We made our way back to our beach to watch the iguanas one last time.


The next day it was time for us to head back to Quito after a wonderful week in the Galapagos. Truly a paradise with so much to see and experience, we would recommend anyone who can to go there.


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