Banos: Action


For our first day in Banos we decided to start “soft”: we went for some Canopy adventure. We had a lot of fun zip-lining on the 6 different rides through the jungle. We could try all kind of positions: upside down, superchica and even down in parallel.

The second day Christine was fighting pretty hard with her salmonella, I therefore had to go alone on the next tour. I went for a 20km bike ride along the river to see plenty of waterfalls. On the way I could enjoy a self built cable-car ride. A peace of art for an engineer, where an old truck is used for pulling the cable and steered by using the clutch changing gears and giving gas. I never felt so safe in my life.

The goal of the day was to reach this amazing and impressive waterfall called “Pailón del Diablo”. One can go look at it using suspended bridges and even go behind the waterfall. Pretty impressive.

Finally the last day I was joining a rafting tour. However I decided to go using a kayak instead, because during my last rafting tour I felt extremely bored. However I did not expect it to be so crazy. Both rafts even flipped over. My first “big water” as they call it with huge waves about two times my height. Scary but super fun!



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  1. Kristina says:

    Wow, cool! We are so glad to see you are back on tracking again. ❤


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