After our cozy time in Galapagos we decided to go for some more action in central Ecuador; the capital of adventure called Banos de Agua Santa. All kind of activities can be done, from bungee jumping to canyoning, paragliding, rafting, hiking etc… Also we had an interesting room with view over the mountain and the river and a tree growing in the shower, a nice surprise, even though the owner of the place was extremely weird.

However, after Galapagos Christine starting having some stomach problems and those got stronger when arriving in Banos. After the second day we needed to visit the EcuadorianĀ  hospital (after the Bolivian and the Peruvian) and the verdict was: Salmonella… According to Google, a decease that one can get by contact with excrement of other infected people (that does not sound very appealing to me… is my girlfriend secretly eating poop?!?). Of course she blamed poop bacteria that hipsters supposedly have in their beards… I did not buy it!

Well after hanging around a bit longer in the city I got my answer and we found many other ways how one can get salmonella in Ecuador:
1. They grill very angry guinea pigs, I am not sure this is very safe food!
2. I found some very unusual stuff in my chicken soup (look at the pictures and guess): yummy yummy!
3. They pull on candy stuff all day long with their bare hands. And let me tell you in average a person goes 3 times a day to the bathroom where hygienic conditions aren’t always the best…

Luckily antibiotics and co made very fast their effect and she is already feeling better!


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