Cartagena, Colombia.

We didn’t do too much research about Colombia, and somehow we forgot to plan enough time for it so we’re here trying to get the highlights of the country during a bit more than two weeks before we travel back to Europe to hear the sound of wedding bells ringing in France for an approximate week – Juliens brother is getting married! Cartagena is an adorable city up north, not very far away fron Tayrona national park (more about that later). The colonial style old city is surrounded by a huge stone wall you can climb so see nice sunsets over the coastline. It is rather developed with the exception of numerous incidents where parts of the city, or the entire city for that matter goes pitch black due to the electricity getting wiped out. When we arrived we were without electricity for a day since a huge pole with three hundred billion cables crashed into a building that partially crashed, also.


I instantly fell in love with all the colorful houses, the flowers thriving in all the rustic wooden balconys, the comfortable living standard and the very essence of the city itself. Everything feels more carribean here, and with its many charming (but expensive!) shops and restaurants in the old city it makes it to the list of places I want to go back to see more of.

At this very moment we are in Medellin, a  c o m p l e t e l y different experience. More about that later. Hasta luego!



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