Taganga & Tayrona

Heading to Tyrona National park, we stopped in Taganga. The village that once was a pittoresque fishermans village now looked like a dump with trash in every corner, run down buildings and drugdealers constantly approaching you to sell drugs that, I guess tourists buy – hence the quantity of people selling them. Tourists drug shopping here keep feeding this unsafe environment which is now taken over by criminality – or businesses owned by europeans, the locals are incredibly poor and the only ones not getting a piece of the cookie. We were told not to circulate too much after dark as chances were getting robbed. By kids. Luckily we found a decent place where we could enjoy in safety during the dark hours, – the day was ok at the end. We even managed to find the cozy restaurant Baba Ganoush that served us amazing food, and we ended up coming back for the excellent fillet mignon with mashed potatoes and red wine sauce (did I mention we miss european food?) as we didn’t have much else to do than hanging out at the villa or eating the days we spent there on the way to Tayrona and back. The place was owned by a dutch guy who, in detail explained exactly what I could – and couldn’t eat on the menu due to my allergies and why. A welcoming break in the otherwise so hard navigated allergy jungle of South America.

If anyone ever wondered how to make sugarcane juice, this is it.

We travelled further to Tayrona national park where we would stay for a few nights. Just the walk to our first camp where we would sleep on the beach in hammocks was breathtakingly beautiful with paradise beaches, jungle and huge rock formations here and there. We clearly understood why travellers come here. Water: body temperature. Unlike Cartagena that was extremely hot (almost unbarable) it had a sea breeze softly cooling you down and a very comfortable temperature.


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