Playa Brava


I had made it perfectly clear that I, for this part of the trip, was done with hiking. No more heavy sweaty hiking shoes- only my precious new leather sandals I bought in Cuzco (a peruvian love story!) naked feet in white soft sand, beach and relaxation. Happy feet – happy girl.

Later we understood that there’s this paradise beach where you can stay called Playa Brava, absolutely remote with no tourists if you just take “a little walk” trough the jungle. I’ve been with Julien long enough to know that a “little walk” is enough of a walk to piss me off (when I’m not well prepared and not in the mood to do hiking that is) and now we were also accompanied by our german friend Fabian – who also likes hiking. Hilfe!


Ofcourse we (they) couldn’t resist going, and after walking the hike from hell (seriousley, don’t ever do this in leather sandals, I’m happy to be alive) trough the rough jungle after heavy rain my sandals and feet were destroyed. (I had to go for a pedicure to peel of the carcinogenic leather colorant from my feet when we came back and might have gone for a manicure too just because I felt I was worth it).

Was it worth it? Yes. Hell yes, it was. Such a beautiful place and a feeling of total freedom having an entire beach all to ourselves. But don’t tell Julien – he owes me a pair of new shoes.


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  1. Kristina says:

    Funny, the same heavy-rain-sandal-couloured feet thing happened to me in Singapore years ago. I agree, no sandals in heavy rain. Abrazos y besos! šŸ™‚ ā¤


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