Bonjour France!

Bogota – Paris. Paris – Bale/Mulhouse. After a long journey (with the weirdest police controls ever seen as Air France went totally bananas with the security) we were finally back home in Alsace! To be honest with you we had both started to get rather homesick longing for family, friends and last but not least; food. The joy in Juliens eyes when seeing the home cooked osso buco was priceless. I went crazy on my favourite pastries at the village boulangerie the next morning, – you know that I love to eat cookies for breakfast and Julien kept them coming every morning fresh from the bakery. And he finally (!) shaved even if he tried a few different styles before all of it was gone. Happy girl.

We have probably been eating our own weight in baguettes during the week, not to talk about the home made icecream in different flavours (Juliens mother makes the best ice cream in the world) and all the food at the wedding (however that food we burned off crazydancing to four o clock in the morning). Writing this (now in Costa Rica) we feel satisfied and are ready to go on for two more months before we take a longer break to se both our families for almost  three weeks (unfortunately it was a bit too tight to come see you all in Sweden this particular time). It’s truly amazing travelling like this, but it also makes you understand how precious everything is back home. Let’s say the complaints will be very few onwards. The wedding was beautiful and time went all to fast. We were so absorbed by it all that we allmost completely forgot to take any pictures!

After 24 hours of travelling we finally reached Costa Rica yesterday night ready for new adventures!


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