On our way to Medellin from Taganga we also discovered another side of Colombia, were poverty and rough living are difficult to ignore.

The contrast to Medellin was huge! Especially the El Poblado area where we were staying. With fancy malls, expensive supermarket selling exclusive products and a forest of skyscrapers.

We took an organized tour with the  “real city tour”, a great experience were we learned a lot about Medellin’s and Colombia’s tormented history. We could also grasp the recent changes in the country and better understand colombians mindset. Also we understood why people constantly try to interact with tourists in the streets  and unlike other cities where they try to sell drugs, in Medellin, you are a sign of hope and transformation in what was a few years before the most dangerous city in the world.


On our way to the airport to reach Bogota, we also realized that some areas which we went through with the taxi are still forgotten by this transformation. Christine was hiding in the taxi and begging for taking another route. The same applied to almost the full city of Bogota. The hostel handed us a map over with the steets were one can safely walk during daytime only: three of hundreds in total! We went in one of those streets and a person asked us what we are doing there and warned us that it is dangerous. We were happy leaving the next day for France with all our organs  and belongings intact.





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