Our new pets



After a lot of fries, rice and beans we decided to prepare a nice and healthy dinner in  Puerto Viejo (with fresh veggies and salad). Unfortunately it turned out not being healthy at all for me, as I woke up with 39 °C fever and some other symptoms… Cleaning the salad with tap water was probably not the smartest stuff to do.
After the Bolivian, Peruvian, Equatorian and Colombian hospitals we decided to have a visit the the Costarican hospital. Not bad at all!
Apparently I have been hosting some new  house pets called Endolimax nana in my intestine (never heard before). Luckily they seemed to know those kind of creatures and gave me some efficient stuff to get them pass their way.So far so good…

Now we cross our fingers for stopping the unlucky spiral of the hospitals world trip!


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