BYE Nicaragua

Transiting in Granada was pretty and nice with lots of cute colonial buildings and food places not deliberatetly trying to kill me (what the hell Ometepe?!) sure. But we had already been to Cartagena in Colombia which is FAR better and nicer in every way possible so we took half a day too look around just for the sake of it but we weren’t too bothered.


At the end we weren’t too happy with Nicaragua. Ometepe was not all that jazz we thought it would be, the food was unsafe, the old ladies making it were vicious, proud and stubborn little monsters, – it’s funny that they think they get to be monsters because they’re old as the street, but age shouldnt be a reason to be an asshole, right? (Old ladies can be assholes too).

Well, we didn’t think so neither so we changed what we didn’t like; Nicaragua, (childish and categoric, I know but I don’t care) and took the chicken bus to Honduras.

Feeling a bit puzzled wondering what a chicken bus is?

Dont worry, I’ll tell you in time.



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