Utila, Honduras

Meet the Hondurian island Utila! A one hour ferry ride from La Ceiba will take you to this light blue watered paradise that offers world class diving, diving schools if you wish to advance your under water skills, and lots of party venues and restaurants.

After having been childishly angry at Nicaragua (it’s very mature to blame a whole country because you have allergies, I know) we were happy to jump off the boat and enter this old pirate island. We would get along just fine.

We decided to go back to school for a while (more about that later) and found a campus just right for us. This would shortly feel very homelike as we got back into rutines (like ordering an awesome dubble espresso with just a dash of warm milk from the nice barista at 06 before diving every morning) and made lots of new friends. We ended up lingering here for quite a while and apparantly it’s not unusual that people come to stay for a week and end up buying property or businesses here. I completely understand why.

It’s fun, it’s friendly, it’s laid back and you can keep on learning  as much as you can possibly want if the underwater world is appealing to you.




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