Antigua, Guatemala.

After a nine hour bus ride from Copàn we arrived in Antigua, Guatemala. Somehow it reminded me about Cuzco, Peru. Not necessarily because they are that very similar structure-wise but because they both manage to keep a graceful balance between tradition and commerce being the touristic go to’s that they are.

We were greeted by Mario and Linda, our newlywed friends living in Guatemala city. They made us feel so welcome and showed us a bit of traditional food, handcraft markets and a good time in the city. Thank you guys for showing such amazing hospitality!

Amongst traditional foods and bevereges we present the Mixtelada, a cocktail consistant of beer, tomato sauce, soy sauce, tabasco and lime. For obvious reasons I couldn’t try it but Julien didn’t mind and he actually quite liked it. My cinnamon piña colada wasn’t all that bad neither.

The handcraft shops are many and the quality is high! Get lost in a jungle of jades (I fell utterly and completely in love with a jade/silver ring) or eat strawberry & cranberry filled crepes and wash them down with an excellent espresso and a glass of freshly pressed strawberry juice at Bistro Bourbons flowery window table. We loved Antigua and the reasons for coming back are quite a few.


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