Copan Ruinas

On our way to Guatemala we stopped before the border at Copan Ruinas. A very nice town known for its Maya ruins. The Maya’s city was spread over 25 square km with over 20 000 inhabitants in the 8th century. We concentrated our visit to the main site which is believed to have the most beautiful carvings of all maya’s cities.

We have been welcome by the numerous “Macas” (colorful parrots) living around the site and Christine made a new friend. The quality and quantity of the sculptures and the hieroglyphs is impressive and one would love to be able to throw an eye one and a half millennium in the past to see how this amazing civilization was living.

The most impressive part of the ancient city is the hieroglyph stairs: a very estonishing stair full of sculptures, status and containing thousands of glyphs telling the history of Copan and its kingdom.

The next morning we returned to the ruins in order to explore the two tunnels open to the public. The tunnels built by the archeologists brings you in the heart of the pyramids, between the structure built in onion shells, also a travel in time as the oldest structures are in the center. Extremely interesting  and amazing to see almost untouched temples dating from the 3rd century. It is a petty that only 100 m are open to the public even though more than 1 km of tunnels have been opened. I have already planned my next visit with some special tools this time!



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