Bacalar, Mexico

We were headed for Tulum but decided to stop and rest for one night and one day in Bacalar, Mexico after two border crossings and ten hours of travelling trough the religious crazyness of Belize. I swear, there were more sects than supermarkets in that giant swamp and we early on decided not to stay. We had heard about a seven coloured lake in Bacalar that you could visit if you had the time and possibility, and it was there, just on our doorstep.

We were asked if we wanted to join for a boat tour and happily jumped aboard. It was magically beautiful and we drove around to different spots, one of them very rich in sulfur which is supposed to be good for your skin, another one a 150 m deep sinkhole that Julien practiced some free diving in. The place was not at all touristic, on the contrary very calm an pleasant.

We finished the day with a nice lunch and a glass of fresh homemade limonade before we jumped on the bus to Tulum, both of us very happy that we decided to stay and explore a bit.


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