Our flash visit of Belize ended up being a surprise. We started by paying 15 US dollars each to enter the country at a very grumpy border police. Then just drove shortly to Belize city and changed bus for a ride of 2,5 hours for 30 US dollars each (the most expensive since we started)… We have heard before that it was supposed to be expensive and therefore were expecting a big infrastructural and development difference with Guatemala. Well, not really from what we have seen. Also chocking was the number of independent churches (sects), more than schools or supermarkets; Big brother has also been very active there. We actually met a US priest of one of those sects who was active in a “mission” in Guatemala for more than 10 years. They probably did some good I don’t doubt this, but now where active helping a “friend” (translation: US church member) to make coffee business in the region and reduce the amount of intermediates to help the local producers (translation: largely improve the margin of big brother and not change anything for the locals, killing all the intermediates). In parallel they were forming their son, his wife and their 3 kids for taking over the soul¬†harvesting business in Belize.


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