On our way to the famous Maya ruins of Tikal we stopped in Flores. A bit by chance we stayed in this beautifully arranged hostel, full of creativity and a great balance between art, light and nature. We stayed in a very sweet tree house, it was great!

We joined a guided tour to Tikal. The guide was very knowledgeable about the archeological site but also about the plants, the nature and the mayan culture. Tikal is probably the most impressive mayan ruin by it size and beauty. It is difficult to grasp that most of it has been built around 760 AC with such a precision and deep knowledge about astrology.

The impressive temples reach a height of 70 meters or more and dominate  the jungle. The site itself is huge and we have only seen a small part of it.  We had a great day and finished by a relaxing lunch at the feet of a temple, escaping the striking heat.

The day finished with a nice dinner with mayan food in the enchanting little island of Flores.


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