Tulum me away


I had heard so much about Tulum and had been looking forward to go for a long time. Paradise beaches, spa’s, yoga and diving. What’s not to fall in love with?

We stayed in Pueblo Tulum to get a bit of the city as well as the beach. The city feels like a mix between LA and latin america with its concrete bunker buildings painted in white and grafitti mixed with trendy (and less trendy)  eats and shops selling tequila and mexican artesanals. In retroperspective we regret that we didn’t stay on the (beautiful!) beach as it’s hotter than hell at the moment and getting to the beach every day was a little project of it’s own (taxi). However, we found a place with a huge restaurant kitchen in the garden for everyone to use and we couldn’t resist cooking our own food again! After travelling for six months it’s nice to cook something that reminds you of home for a change. The Yucatan cuisine is however known to be rather mindblowing and well worth a taste (we are currently enjoying it close to Chichen Itzá).

Situated on the beach are the Tulum Maya ruins. A nice walk – if you get there early to avoid the OMG’s (american tourist groups, or high school students celebrating the summer holidays with boomboxes in their backpacks and their iphones in plastic cases. The plastic cases allows them take selfies in. the. water. as they beep “oh my gooooood” with high pitched voices about every single detail in our common little universe). One would think that it could be rather amusing (If you cant OMG with them, OMG at them) but I’m actually quite concerned that I might have accidentally killed someone (or myself) by the time we reach Cancun.







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