Chichén Itzá, Mexico

img_1586After Tulum we stopped for a day to see Chichèn Itzá, the biggest and most significant Maya ruins of the Yucatan province. It was very impressive! Above; the football field where it wasn’t uncommon to play with your life at stake as the loosing team was sacrifised at the end of the game.

There was a lot of details preserved, however it’s difficult to know what has been reconstructed or improved as the information wasn’t sufficiant.


Ready for a swim? This 50m deep sinkhole was the main place to sacrifise children, animals and football players that couldn’t keep up their game. A very interesting day, however the details has faded somewhat since this was some time ago now! We just landed in Bangkok, but before we get there we have some more to show you from our previous destinations.

As the evening came we felt we couldn’t live without having tried some local Tequila before flying to Cuba, so we went to Bar el Pitch. A hole i the wall trannybar with lots of charachter. They managed to get us quite tipsy, and just like that we had promissed to go to a village party in a different village with a bunch of locals. We ended up having lots of fun with people of all ages trying to get our salsa on (as much as you can when you come from a mexican tequilabar). Fun, and random!


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