The questions are many. Why is the drink called Cuba libre and what does Cubans less content with the current liberty order at the bar when they want one? How many kids does Fidel Castro have and how many CIA murder attepmts did he survive – the three funniest ones are by far; poison ice cream, sexy killer and explosive cigars. How does the economy work and why are some of the restaurants state owned whilst others aren’t? What will happen when and if the US embargo is dissolved and are the people actually happy about it?

Greetings from La Habana, a dream in dirty pastelles! We are very exited to be here and it already feels like Cuba will be the highlight we expected it to be on this part of our trip. Jazz tunes and social chatter meets old american cars and run down yet charming buildings full of mystic energy. Ther characteristic inhabitants, the early evening sky and the very essence of the city has gotten us both hypnotized.


We are as you know already in Asia and all posts from Cuba has been published after leaving the country. The reason is the simple fact that there were almost no internet at all except for state owned internet cafes – no coffee provided. There are 118 offices with a few computers in each shared by the eleven million inhabitants. We had so many great experiences during our two weeks in Cuba, both in La Habana, Vinales and Trinidad! Horseriding, an exuisite ballet, great food and lots of interesting meetings with warm and friendly people. As we don’t have access to the pictures we will get back to Cuba later, meanwhile here’s a little mix of pictures we do have with us.


Fidel Castro has according to the whispers on the streets had his way with over ten thousand women and rumours say he has children everywhere. When a cuban contemplating her true freedom walks up to the bartender she whisperers for a pequeña mentira which translates into “a little lie”. Fidel castro survived 638 CIA murder attempts whilst Che met a less fortunate destiny in Bolivia on October 9, 1967.


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