Bangkok, Thailand.


We would like to start this post by letting you know that we are safe and sound after the bombings in Thailand. We have only been to Bangkok and were not in any way affected by theese horrifying actions.


Bangkok is a dynamic city to say the least. Home to sixteen million people. Saints and sinners, cats and dogs. Cockroaches. Temples, churches and mosques. Hookers, an army of ladyboys and highly religious people living side by side – it seems to work out just fine. Luxury and cheap plastic copies on the very same streets. There’s room for everything here. Good and bad. I’m not saying it’s allways a good thing, -there is a fair amount of utter crap that should never happen going on here -The rest is interesting. A city so full of contradictions, it’s allmost giggling about itself in self awareness.

Bangkok is also home to a vast amount of peanuts, soy and sesame seeds. Which is why this is not an uncommon lunch. : )


We spent a good amount of time in temples. Found out that also monks has human needs – such as playing Pokémon Go for instance (!) and we’ve sen a lot of the city by boat and sky train. We are headed to Vietnam – that’s the real reason we’re here – but since we flew to Bangkok we felt we could might as well see a bit more of the city and make a short stop in Cambodia as well whilst visiting south east Asia. More about that later!


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